In the last two decade, the use of tarot and interest in its history has become increasingly popular. The history of Tarot has many interesting facts and myths and are often confusing. There are also much speculations on where and when the tarot first originated? Some say India, China, Egypt, Morocco and some have even suggested that it exits in the time of Moses. However, no modern historians have backed up the above these theories.

The original deck came from Northern Italy around 1420-1440 painted for the Duke of Milan by Bonificio Bembo and this deck is still in existence. It has been said that another deck was originally used in France in the 13th century but it was later found to be the Card of Trumps or Trumps, a common game amongst the people during that era. Incidentally, that was why the Tarot was originally known as “Cards de trionfi” or Trumps. It only became to be known as Tarrochi or Tarrok in German about 100 years later. Although I suspect that the images and use was probably very different.

The traditional Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that is divided into two main sections: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana is a set of 22 picture cards, these cards are symbolic representations of the different stages of our lives. Example of the are cards like the Death, Justice, Strength, Star and etc. The Fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana are divided into 4 suits which are similar to our normal playing cards. They are the suits of the Minor Arcana are the Wands, Pentacles, Swords and the Cups. The Minor Arcana cards can represent people, relationships, finances, health, careers and etc.

When an individual consults the tarot, it describes the events and qualities of the present. Each card in the tarot has up-sides and down sides in meanings; essentially there are no bad cards just perhaps some bad interpretations. They reflect the inner quality and hidden information that are personal to the individual. It sheds inner wisdom that will them the freedom of choice to decide the path to take to reach desired goals and destinations.

A professional Tarot session therefore can be encouraging, inspiring and good for the self esteem simply because it focuses on *you* and your needs. Certainly, I claim no “one time fix all magical solution” to your life challenges. It is simply an effective way to give you insights and clarity that will help you in decision making by offering suggestions and possible outcome.

Consultation by Appointment only.
Duration : One hour
Email Clarice : enquiries@claricegvchan.com

“I remember my first reading with Clarice, it was a special sampler at a fair, which only took a few minutes, and I remember being astounded at how much of my personality she brought out in the first minute or 2, even my mother doesn’t know that much about me!! All good of course, and it helped enormously in the advice which followed, because Clarice automatically knew what sort of person I was, she’d give advice accordingly, like reinforcing the things I should really pursue, instead of putting them off until tomorrow. Great advice for someone like me who tends to dismiss the most obvious solution and continues to struggle on needlessly!!
She’s really positive and very motivational, and I’ve had a few readings now and always feel inspired and ready to tackle things which have been going round in my head for weeks. I have friends who’s lives have completely turned around for the better since having one of Clarice’s readings, she’s really helped to kick start things they’ve been considering and given them the courage and confidence to go for it. Although my life hasn’t been turned around, Clarice has certainly helped to clarify which direction I want to go in and given me more confidence not only to take the first step but the ones that follow too. Its so nice to have a reading about where you’re going and not about where you’ve been.”
Annette P, Expatriate Fashion Designer

“I was introduced to Clarice through a friend about 18 months ago. I have had Tarot and Reiki sessions during this time and have found them both to be beneficial. I have gained insight, motivation and a sense of comfort and peace in these sessions depending on what I have been in need of at the time. The Reiki sessions I find beneficial to my energy levels and with the feedback from Clarice I am able to see where the problem areas are and start to clear the blockages. I have always felt Clarice is very in tune with my emotional state throughout the healing session.
I find the Tarot useful when I feel at a crossroads in my life. We still have free will and choice but I feel the cards and the readings I have had from Clarice just help to make some decisions easier and clearer.
Clarice offers a warm and caring ambience during her sessions providing a safe environment for emotional expression.
I have greatly benefited from her thoughts and knowledge, by offering her honesty I have been able to see situations from a different angle, creating my own thought process to be challenged, thus increasing my own personal growth and being able to take steps forward in life with more confidence.”

Sarah B, Expatriate Living in Singapore

“Clarice is a very professional exponent in the art of Tarot Card reading. Careful and Meticulous in her service; get you every cent worth to listen to her.”
Buck Low,
Owner of Fountain Souvenirs & Gifts at the World’s Grandest Man-Made
Feng-Shui Sanctuary, Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City, Singapore

“Clarice’s tarot reading has been very accurate and has enlightened me in many ways after my first reading last December. Her advice has helped to get me out of depression and put my life back on the track. I felt more organized, confident and happy after that. She’s very friendly and has been very willing to answer queries. Not only I have benefited from her readings, my brother and sister-in-law did too. Clarice has helped my brother to gain back his self-confident and motivate him to work harder towards recovery from his sickness which has been affecting him for almost 3 years and now he’s more independent. We are very grateful to Clarice.”

Julie, Accounts Manger

“Tarot reading reflects our psychological and emotional state as well as showing us the people and events involved in our lives. Tarot gives an insight on our future and the symbolism and meanings of Tarot. The tarot cards represent an overview of the basic imagery that has been present in many forms in the cards during their history.
Clarice engages her client in a interactive and open mode where there is two way conversation. She gives a clear and distinctive explanation and is friendly to answer clients’ queries.”
Simon A, Young Professional

“Her accuracy in terms of relating the cards I’ve picked to my current life is impressive. Her advice are realistic and therefore reassuring. I can’t help but feel more organized and settled after a session. A must try for the jaded!”
Zulfa K J

“Help to give your life shape, meaning, and direction with Clarice.
I met Clarice Chan at the Holistic Living Fair, and was Clarice to anyone looking into this form of divination.”
K Mcleod

” A very insightful and therapeutic experience.”
Cami, Public Relations Executive

“Clarice’s way of reading is the cards is very objective & precise. She is very thorough & systematic is her readings, I much prefer this style of reading to the overly emotional way. She is accurate & has helped me see things from other perspectives apart from my own.”
Farah Baker, Executive

I was immediately drawn to her Tarot booth. Her warm and gentle energy seemed to be just what I needed.
Her Tarot reading was not only astoundingly accurate, but also helped me to see things in my life that I had failed to look at. About 3 months later I booked another appointment with Clarice….this time a whole hour session. With this amount of time Clarice was able to dig even deeper and uncover truths about where my life was at, and also helped to gain insight into where I should take my life in the future. Again, her warm and gentle energy makes her a natural choice as a tarot reader, and her intuitiveness is clearly a worthwhile aid when looking into your life’s possibilities. Ultimately, she leaves the choices up to you, and this is what I liked the best.


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