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Prediction for 12 Zodiac Signs in September 2012


You will have a smoother time at your workplace this month. Your relationship with loved ones can be better, try to make extra effort to spend quality time with them. Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. Try not to rush around too much as you are accident prone this month.


You will feel a sudden lack of energy at the beginning of this month so it is important to take time out to get recharged. As events around you will be moving more quickly, you will need more energy if you wish to catch. Career ad business will be moving more positively. New opportunities are indicated. Money outlook is average. Meeting new people and romance are indicated.


This month’s energy will bring disruptions to many areas of your life. You will be forced to look more deeply at yourself and what you wish to achieve in the next few years. At work, office politics are indicated. Be more careful if your work involves dealing with people as they will be more sensitive. Exercise and outdoor activities are encouraged. Avoid loud and crowded places. Be more conservative with your spending.

This month is all about getting the timing right. On the business front, you need to work fast and make decisions early in the month for more success. Personally, a situation in your life may cause you to believe that you have been betrayed. It is best to look deeper into the matter before jumping to conclusions.


Emotionally, you will feel lighter this month but you will benefit more from spending more time taking care of you needs before taking on new or added responsibilities. Elementally, the water energy of this month will be extremely strong and it can affect of you who belong to the Dragons sign. As a safety prevention, try to minimise doing water sports during this month.

The energy of this month is positive and you wil feel much more optimistic about life in general. Younger Snakes will do very well in their studies but they must learn to be more humble about their achievements. For some there will be a need to reconnect with their inner being so that they can move in the right direction towards a better future.


Energy fluctuates this month, making it difficult for planning. While business or financial opportunities will present themselves, this is not the right time to get involved. If you do enter into partnership, there will be money conflict. You will feel unsettle and dissatisfactory with life but understand it is just a passing phase. Pay more attention to your wellbeing.


You must be more open minded and creative this month. To be more effective at work, add a little fun to everything that needs to be done. Keep communication channels open for your colleagues and clients to create better working relationships. When you can feel energy flowing by being positive, things will start to change and turn for the better for you.


If you desire to meeting new people, you must be proactive and socialize. Work will go through a happier phase and this is a good time time to put forward with your plans.
Some part of this month, meetings and travel schedules will get change. Be at peace and wait for a better time.


Relationship matters will get you down. Look at taking a deeper interest in your spouse and do not let external events or people cause problem in your lives. Take a short break to relax if you can. Work energy will see an enormous slow-down in the second half of the month. Avoid getting into conflict at work.


If you feel that life seem to continue to go against your flow, it is time to slow down and reflect on the actions you have contributed. New people or new relationship are indicated. Money energy is weak so you will have to be mindful of your expenditure. At work, be realistic and lower your expectations.


Early in this month, energy will be positive.Windfalls are indicated. Buying and selling of properties will be profitable. Promotions and other achievements are indicated.
Pay more attention to your well being this month.

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Love and the Dragon Zodiac

Born: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000
Characteristics: Dragons can be eccentric and may choose to lead a complex life. Generally active and intelligent, they have a very passionate nature and are known to be extremely lucky. Often proud by nature, the Dragon has very high standards and is also ambitious and determined. As Dragons have big dreams about how life should be, they can take a longer than others to decide about love and marriage.

Love for the Dragon Man
The male Dragon finds it hard to resist helping a maiden in distress or anyone else for that matter. He tends to fall in love rather quickly, but relationships are usually short-lived as the male Dragon has very high expectations of his women. He also has a soft spot for very beautiful and intelligent women.

Love for the Dragon Woman
The female Dragon is a very strong woman. She believes in herself and if she comes across injustice will not give in without a fight. The female Dragon has fine tastes and is very elegant. When it comes to love, she is totally committed but can self-sabotage due to her high expectations and personal ambitions for perfection.

By Clarice Georgia V Chan
Author of Your Fortune in 2012

Chinese Wedding Customs

Chinese wedding preparations

Customary Chinese wedding preparations
In the last decade, following traditions of the customary Chinese wedding seems to have become more popular. The history of Chinese wedding customs dates back to 221BC to 402BC, when – very much like the marriage registration and certification of today – the Chinese practised what is known as San Shu, Liu Li – three certifications and six etiquettes. Today, San Shi and Liu are no longer in practice but some of the customs are still considered mandatory to Chinese families. While many young couples choose to simplify these customs, there is an increased interest in many who try to find out and follow as closely to the original customary wedding as possible.

The Bride price

This is a token sum that is agreed by the couple’s families and is given by the groom’s family to the bride’s family as a gift.

Wedding ceremony Auspicious dates and hours are needed for the following rituals:
• Wedding date.
• Gift exchange.
• Hairdressing ritual.
• The groom leaving his home to fetch his bride.
• The bride leaving her home with her groom.
• Tea ceremony at the groom’s home.

Dos and don’ts
1) At the proposal meeting, avoid asking for an unreasonable bride price.
2) Bridesmaids and friends of the bride are invited to play the “door game” where they playfully try to block the groom from entering the bride’s room on the morning of the wedding day. Always be mindful of the time, so the bride can depart her home at the most auspicious time
3) Although not a common rule, the bride should only change into her new shoes just before entering the wedding car to indicate she’s not taking away good luck from her parents.
4) The groom’s immediate family – parents and siblings – should avoid facing the door as the bride enters her new home for the first time. This will avoid any confrontational clashes likely to bring disputes into the marriage.
5) Pregnant ladies and those in mourning should not participate in any of the pre-wedding or wedding rituals, nor touch any items belonging to the bride and groom.
6) Six and ten are the magical numbers for weddings as they represent happiness and perfection. So it is always best to pack Hong Baos with these amounts, for example $60, $100, $120, $160, $200 and so on. Ironically using the number eight is a taboo at Chinese weddings as the Chinese character of eight is made up of two separate strokes and symbolically this means the couple will end up going their separate ways.

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2012 and the 5 Dragons!

Water Dragon (1952 & 2012)

You are the most easy-going of the Dragon group. Each zodiac will go through a 60-year cycle before it repeats itself and this is the repeated year for you. your self repeating year. To make the most of this year, you need to look after your well-being, keep to an easy going lifestyle and adopt a flexible attitude towards work. ( if you are still working). Financially, this is a stable year so enjoy your journey in 2012!

Wood Dragon (1964)
Wood Dragons are practical, creative and deep thinkers. There will be hidden potentials this year but you must be patient. For a start, 2012 will move rather slowly for you. If you allow this to set you back then it is likely that you will see little achievement. New careers are indicated. Financially, this will be a steady year for many.

Fire Dragon (1978)
You are ambitious and have a tremendous will to succeed and 2012 will have an interesting course laid out for you. Understand that energy will not be moving as fast as your wish so do not be frustrated by it. Family and love ones will be supportive, you can look forward to a harmonious time with them this year. You will have the tendencies to overspend.

Earth Dragon (1988)
You are the quieter one of the 5 types of dragon and have very clear objective of what you wish to achieve in life. While this year favours movement and development, you will find it difficult to manage. Many of you will wish to make changes to your career or business, be patient and network as you will find these opportunities by chance.

Metal Dragon (1940, 2000)

You are strong-willed and can be forceful. While this year does hold possibilities of expansion to those who are in business you will need to inform your partners and family of you plans. Rushing out to make changes or take on new ventures by yourself will bring negative results.

By Clarice Georgia V Chan
International Feng Shui Master & Author

White Tiger Festival

Lunar New Year is over but part of the Spring Festival includes the White Tiger Festival.  Read on to find out why and how this festival came about:

Almost immediately after Lunar New Year is the season of Qin Zhe, one of the 24 seasons mentioned in the Chinese Almanac or the Farmers’ Calendar. Qin Zhe marks the awakening of all animals in hibernation and the main festival during this season is the White Tiger Festival.

Legend has it that the White Tiger festival evolves from the time when villages in ancient China were being attacked by wild tigers which, after long harsh winters, were known to prowl the villages for food.  It was customary to perform prayer ceremonies for protection of their village against these potential attacks. Offerings of food, especially pork and duck eggs, were most welcome: the idea was to feed the hungry wild tigers to prevent them from attacking the villages.

As time passed, this tradition became a festival in which one could gain protection against vile and ferocious people in your lives and surroundings. The twist in this legend is that the Tiger somehow became the object of worship in this festival, known as the Tiger Deity.

Today, similarly to the original tradition, pork and eggs are used in offerings by those seeking blessings and protection from ferocious people, known as “little people” in the Chinese language. This lunar year, the festival falls on March 5 and the season begins at 12:21pm.


Lunar zodiacs requiring the blessings of the White Tiger:

All other zodiacs can also make offering to the White Tiger Deity on March 5 with the exception of the Tiger Zodiac as their zodiac is clashing with the day’s representing zodiac, the Monkey.

Master Clarice Georgia V Chan

Ching Ming or Tomb Sweeping Festival

Ching Ming Festival

Origins of Ching Ming
This year’s Ching Ming or Tomb Sweeping day falls on April 6. Generally, a week before and two weeks after Ching Ming is acceptable to honor the ancestors at the temples, grave site or crematoriums. This is also a practical measure as these places will be utterly packed during Ching Ming and to spread the prayer days out makes a lot of practical sense.

Honoring Ancestors

Honoring ancestors begins with proper positioning of a gravesite and coffin. Rich families will believe in the concept of “Feng Shui”, or geomancy and as far as possible, will choose an area that faces south, with groves of pine trees to create the best flow of cosmic energy required to keep ancestors happy.

A “happy ancestor” will in turn, bless the living family! Family members will visit the gravesite of their ancestors at least once a year to tend to the tombs, especially on Qing Ming. The Chinese will cook up good food to their ancestors at altar tables on Ching Ming in their homes. The food usually consists of chicken, eggs, or other dishes a deceased ancestor was fond of. Accompanied by rice, the dishes and eating utensils are carefully arranged according to a certain position so as to bring good luck.