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The Double Nine Festival or Cheung Yang Jie

The Ninth Lunar day of the Ninth Lunar month falls on October 17 this year. This is a special day for the ancient Chinese and still is for many today, as the number 9  is a special Yang number and  it is often associated with the Emperor.  Therefore, the Ninth  Lunar Day in the Ninth Lunar month is considered to be a super Yang and auspicious date.

The  Double Nine Festival’s main activity is  focused on trekking or walking up hills or mountains. It is believed that people can improve their health by taking part in the trekking or walking activities on this day. For me, this is indeed interesting, as 99 in numerology is classified as a Master Number,  and it is also sometimes described as the Eternal Master Number. There are also other information that suggest that walking up the hill or mountain on this day is a symbolic way of reaching new heights.

The Double Nine or the Cheung Yang  Festival is more popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. It is not so widely celebrated in Singapore. I do not know why, but my guess is that it is probably due to the lack of hills and mountains here. With this in mind, if walking or treking on this day symbolically means reaching new  heights, perhaps we can subsitute the mountains by walking up some of the tall buildings in Singapore.  After all, in modern Feng Shui, we do substitute Mountains with Buildings.   Just a practical thought.  However, for those of you that really  wish to walk up a hill in Singapore on October 17,  you can always try  Mount Faber or plan to go on a climbing trip! 😀

Happy Walking on then Double Nine Festival and Good Health to all!

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Feng Shui Your Wallet?

I have often been asked about Feng Shui for wallets. It is an interesting topic and I found a good article on it.
Hope it helps you manifest more money!


The Rabbit and Mid- Autumn Festival!


cc79011d-0ac5-4ba9-96cf-eb62257a3984Why is the Rabbit synonymous with the Mid-Autumn Festival? The legend behind the Mid Autumn Festival surround the story of a handsome couple: Chang Er and Hou-yi. Hou Yi was the ancient hero who, under the order of the Gods, shot down nine of the ten suns that suddenly appeared in the skies. After Hou Yi successfully completed this task, he met and married a beautiful young lady named Chang Er.

The Gods were very pleased with Hou Yi, and rewarded him with an elixir of life so the he and his beautiful wife could have immortality. However, an evil man found out about the elixir, murdered Hou Yi for the elixir. Chang Er was devastated by her husband’s death and retaliated by drinking all of the elixir. Legend has it that, after drinking the elixir, she floated away into the skies towards the Moon with her pet rabbit in her arms, and this is how the Rabbit became synonymous with this festival.

Celebrating Mid- Autumn festival or commonly known as now as  the Mooncake festival is still very popular today. Food that is synonymous with this  festival are the mooncakes and pomelos. Pomelos are fruits harvested in Autumn in some parts of China and they symbolize plentiful and abundance.

It is a tradition to gift your friends, employer, clients and relatives some mooncakes just before Mid-Autumn festival. Moon gazing is also a part of the ritual of celebrating this festival.  Besides the moon gazing and eating mooncakes, children are given paper lanterns to carry around and  play within the playground or garden.

A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all!

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Do you take care of the Feng Shui of your Front Door?

This is so true, houses with clutter on the inside or outside the front door will taint the energy entering.

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Are Clocks Bad Feng Shui?

This is a good question, and it often comes up when I do a Feng Shui Audit. Well, the answer is no, but the placement of the Clocks is important. I found this video that is interesting and simple to understand. Do check it out!




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