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Are Clocks Bad Feng Shui?

This is a good question, and it often comes up when I do a Feng Shui Audit. Well, the answer is no, but the placement of the Clocks is important. I found this video that is interesting and simple to understand. Do check it out!





Feng Shui Tips

How to  enhance your everyday living!


Updating my Website

Hi all

My website http://www.claricegvchan.com has been hacked again. It has taken over a couple of weeks to get it back online. Fortunately not too much damage.

I am doing some updating to the site so do check back for more updates!



Weekly Tarot Wisdom 24/8/12

This card is about letting go. Mostly it is related to you attitude towards material goods or work.

If you are in a position of power and like to empower the people around you, it is time to be more flexible.

Wishing you a blessed time ahead.


Prediction for 12 Zodiac Signs in September 2012


You will have a smoother time at your workplace this month. Your relationship with loved ones can be better, try to make extra effort to spend quality time with them. Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. Try not to rush around too much as you are accident prone this month.


You will feel a sudden lack of energy at the beginning of this month so it is important to take time out to get recharged. As events around you will be moving more quickly, you will need more energy if you wish to catch. Career ad business will be moving more positively. New opportunities are indicated. Money outlook is average. Meeting new people and romance are indicated.


This month’s energy will bring disruptions to many areas of your life. You will be forced to look more deeply at yourself and what you wish to achieve in the next few years. At work, office politics are indicated. Be more careful if your work involves dealing with people as they will be more sensitive. Exercise and outdoor activities are encouraged. Avoid loud and crowded places. Be more conservative with your spending.

This month is all about getting the timing right. On the business front, you need to work fast and make decisions early in the month for more success. Personally, a situation in your life may cause you to believe that you have been betrayed. It is best to look deeper into the matter before jumping to conclusions.


Emotionally, you will feel lighter this month but you will benefit more from spending more time taking care of you needs before taking on new or added responsibilities. Elementally, the water energy of this month will be extremely strong and it can affect of you who belong to the Dragons sign. As a safety prevention, try to minimise doing water sports during this month.

The energy of this month is positive and you wil feel much more optimistic about life in general. Younger Snakes will do very well in their studies but they must learn to be more humble about their achievements. For some there will be a need to reconnect with their inner being so that they can move in the right direction towards a better future.


Energy fluctuates this month, making it difficult for planning. While business or financial opportunities will present themselves, this is not the right time to get involved. If you do enter into partnership, there will be money conflict. You will feel unsettle and dissatisfactory with life but understand it is just a passing phase. Pay more attention to your wellbeing.


You must be more open minded and creative this month. To be more effective at work, add a little fun to everything that needs to be done. Keep communication channels open for your colleagues and clients to create better working relationships. When you can feel energy flowing by being positive, things will start to change and turn for the better for you.


If you desire to meeting new people, you must be proactive and socialize. Work will go through a happier phase and this is a good time time to put forward with your plans.
Some part of this month, meetings and travel schedules will get change. Be at peace and wait for a better time.


Relationship matters will get you down. Look at taking a deeper interest in your spouse and do not let external events or people cause problem in your lives. Take a short break to relax if you can. Work energy will see an enormous slow-down in the second half of the month. Avoid getting into conflict at work.


If you feel that life seem to continue to go against your flow, it is time to slow down and reflect on the actions you have contributed. New people or new relationship are indicated. Money energy is weak so you will have to be mindful of your expenditure. At work, be realistic and lower your expectations.


Early in this month, energy will be positive.Windfalls are indicated. Buying and selling of properties will be profitable. Promotions and other achievements are indicated.
Pay more attention to your well being this month.

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