Feng Shui

The literal translation of the term Feng Shui from the Chinese language means “Wind” and “Water”, the meaning behind these words carry a history that dates back 4000 years in ancient China.

To the Chinese, Feng Shui is more than an art, it is a form of science. The theories of Feng Shui includes the study of our solar system, land and nature, architecture, interior design, human behavior, food and more.

Feng Shui uses a system known as The 5 Elements. The 5 element is a recognized system in Chinese metaphysics, it is said to govern the law of exchange and order in the Universe. These five elements are: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Each element has yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) aspects, which can produce negative or positive effects, depending on the way in which they interact with each other.

The phrase “Bad Feng Shui” simply means that the environment is non beneficial to its dwellers and can have ill effects to those living in it.

Applying Feng Shui in today’s urban society can be challenging, but it is ultimately the art of creating a harmonious environment. A consistent flow of healthy natural energy is known as qi or chi. Healthy chi enhances creativity and improves an individual’s wellbeing and relationships. It also promotes wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Feng Shui is about making your environment sacred to you and those living in it. The physical aspects help you arrange the furniture in your space in a harmonious nature to achieve a balance and allow harnessing of quality chi or pure energy.

As a great believer that we are the creator of our own life and destiny, Feng Shui is just one way that can effectively enhance your environment for harmony and abundance.


Testimonials on Fengshui

“Clarice is very meticulous and thorough in her Feng Shui analysis. Adjustments suggested were simple and easy to accommodate. Business has picked up significantly.”


“Clarice’s Feng Shui recommendations are practical and effective! She also took the time to explain her recommendations to us. The remedies for weak or negative areas are also simple and inconspicuous. That’s great as we preferred not to have our home filled with too much traditionally Chinese motifs. Our home now looks and feel more open and welcoming and as one of us has a home office, that bodes well for business too! ”

Anne & Thomas

“I have known Clarice for a number of years now, brought together in the first place by animals. I have always been intrigued by the art of Feng Shui, having never really understood what it was until I came to live in Singapore . When Clarice told me she had become a Feng Shui practitioner I was very interested and asked if she would come and look at our house.

My family had been going through a difficult year with job uncertainties and school pressures, she told me that a lot of the negative issues could be dealt with by realigning the feng shui in the house. I was quite fascinated by the process and have to say that there has definitely been some positive changes in our lives. We now have positive job prospects and a number of other issues have been addressed.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in Feng Shui to meet with Clarice. She is very intuitive and will discuss everything that she recommends with you first so that you can decide how little or how much you want to invest.”

I wish her good luck.”


For the last few years, my business has not been doing well and I was feeling very negative. I decided to give Feng Shui a try, I feel more positive about things business is coming along and my personal life has also improved.


“Many of us would have in some point or other in our lives come into contact with some form of either a geomancer or fengshui master or whatever you’d want to call them. My or rather our (Jerry and I) very first encounter happened in the mid 90s after we got married and subsequently, we met more. They are all very similar….looks at you, ask for birth dates and tell you the dos and don’ts…. plus to put it very bluntly, ask for money in return. It is after all another business transaction.

With Clarice, it is very different… well not entirely, she too asked for the birthdates, time of birth etc etc but to sum it all up, Clarice puts an additional ingredient that is always lacking in many …. Tina


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