Singapore born, Feng Shui Master Clarice has had a keen interest in metaphysical studies for most of her life. An Executive Manager in the Travel Industry for over nine years, Clarice took a leap of faith in 2001 by embarking on a new journey within the metaphysical world of Feng Shui and Divination.

In Singapore, she has gained much popularity with both expatriate and local professionals and, since 2006, she has expanded her work to Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Clarice is well regarded by her peers and received a nomination for the 2008 Spirit of Enterprise Award. Clarice also writes regularly for several magazines in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Monthly Star columnist  & appointed as  “Expert for Chinese Geomancy” on their panel of 18 for SimplyHer, an SPH Magazine
  • 2005-2011:- Annual Lunar Zodiac in The Finder Magazine (Singapore & Malaysia Edition)
  • 2007 – 2011:-  Annual Forecast in Expat Living Magazine
  • 2007:-  The Horoscope Special, Singapore & Malaysia Women’s Weekly
  • 2008:- Love Horoscopes in Mother and Baby Magazine (Chinese edition)
  • 2008:- Your Perfect Love Match in Marie Claire
  • 2009:- Your Fortune in 2009
  • 2009:- Travelscopes in Asian Escapes
  • 2009:- Fashion Feng Shui in Female Magazine
  • 2009:- Interview with Nu You Magazine
  • 2010:- Your Fortune in 2010
  • 2010:- Interview on Radio 938
  • 2010:- Geomancy 2.0 in The Peak Magazine
  • 2010:- Good Vibrations with The Finder Magazine
  • 2011:- Your Fortune in 2011
  • 2011:- What the Rabbit will bring in IM Magazine
  • 2011:- Annual Forecast in Telescope Magazine
  • 2011:- News feature on Feng Shui Professional in Biz Daily
  • 2011:- Feng Shui for the home in Expat Living Hong Kong
  • Current Achievements:- Your Fortune in 2012  & Feng Shui Gourmet

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