Crystal Heart Therapy

Crystal heart Therapy is a healing session that I have developed. It is a blend of many healing modalities such like Reiki, Seichem, crystal, flower remedies, and meditation. It is gentle and has a calming effect. It is ideal for treating to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for clearing of negativity, energy blocks and treat the to root cause of the symptoms before they manifest as physical disease.

Where do Healers get these energies from?
In the Universe, there exists an unlimited source of pure healing energy that transmits through the hands of the healer when they perform healing on themselves or others.
The healer is in fact a healing tool as he or she is one that has taken the path to be in service of all living beings.

Testimonials on Crystal Heart Therapy

“During the session I felt very at peace and an enormous amount of heat came up from my head area (my natural tendency, that I try to balance, is to be up in my head). During and after the session, Clarice gave me some insights that made sense to me.

The same afternoon of the day I had my session, I found myself very relaxed and in a situation where before I would had tried “very hard” to make things right, I just did my best and trusted the outcome.

I also find empowering that Clarice gave me exercises to do at home to work in the issues that I wanted to work with.”

Expatriate living in Singapore

“Clarice’s healing sessions are effective and feel wonderful. Clarice makes sure she understands my situation and only then will do the healing session. I always feel much better after a session.

Clarice has a warm nurturing way about her and I feel completely comfortable with her. She is both a great listener and gives heartfelt advice. I feel that I can say anything to her and she does not judge me. She embodies what she teaches – I think that really says a lot about her.”


“I knew almost nothing about the alternative healing world, but all my questions were cleared by Clarice during my first healing session. She explained in detail how the healing worked and what she’ll be doing most of the way.

The healing helped lift a huge load off my shoulders, Clarice knew what my health problems were. I now know that there are other ways to heal a person apart from the regular medical science manner, Clarice is very sensitive about our religious beliefs and has a very good way of making us see Reiki from a very professional point of view.”

Farah Baker


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