Reiki is an Ancient Art of Natural Healing discovered by a man named Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. A non – invasive healing technique of channeling Universal energy to maintain and restore Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual health in the body.

Reiki works by simple laying of hands and with pure intent on a person, plants or animals. This form of natural healing do not require the practitioner’s own energy but that of the Universe.

To become a Reiki Practitioner, a persons has to be attuned to Reiki by a certified Reiki Master, this part of the module cannot be learn through books. Once attuned, you will begin to feel the energy flowing when you perform laying of hands.

Reiki is neither a believe system nor a religion, it is non intrusive and does not interfere with other treatments and/or therapies. It is safe and can be administered to anyone regardless of the status of their health.

Mikao Usui trained a number of teachers of this system, one of them was a retired naval officer named Chujiro Hayashi who set up a Reiki Clinic in Tokyo. The practice of Reiki went to the West by way of a Japanese American lady named Hawayo Takata. Against her doctors’ advice, Mrs. Takata had gone to Japan in the 1930s to seek alternate treatments to her severe illnesses. She eventually became Dr Hayashi’s student and brought the teachings to the West. Her granddaughter, Phyllis Furamoto is currently still teaching Reiki in the United States.

What are the Benefits?

• Increase ability to heal oneself and others
• Loosens blocked energy and aids in the release of toxins from the body
• Reduces stress, fatigue
• Increased vitality and energy
• Enhances creativity, memory and intuition
• Treats effectively to a wide range of disease

What do some say about Reiki?

During my 2nd pregnancy, I frequently have migraines plus I also became slightly diabetic. I started having Reiki treatment by Clarice weekly to de-stress. To my surprise, the migraines gradually disappeared and my blood sugar level was well within control throughout.

Marina B – Full-time Mother of three children


I had a bad cough and headaches and cannot sleep so mummy asked Auntie Clarice to do Reiki for me and I fell asleep.

Atiqua – 6 years old (Marina’s elders child)


I find Reiki very uplifting, a definite de-stresser! Its calming effect enabled me to have a clearer outlook and I find myself moving in more positive directions.

Farah Baker – Customer Support Representative


Reiki have a calming and relaxing influence on me especially with my hectic & stressful job. It recharges my batteries.

Dr Geetha Nellinathan- Veterinary Surgeon


What about Reiki for animals?

A beagle that had spent most of his life tied-up in a laundry room was given up for adoption. He was extremely barky and anxious. I decided to give Reiki a try to accelerate the process of rehabilitating and eventually re-homing him. I was astounded when after the first session, the beagle was noticeably calmer. Reiki, when used in conjunction with more down-to-earth
behavior modification techniques, is a valuable tool when dealing with problem dogs.

Angie Tan, Canine Behavior Counsellor

“Not only has Clarice’s Reiki therapy improved Jomo’s coat, skin and overall look, he seems to be revitalized since he started undergoing Reiki sessions in August 2001. Although he sleeps quite a lot (he turned 13 in November 2001), it is clear that he has become more alert and aware of his surroundings and, even, more expressive.”

Preetha Pillai – Devoted owner of 13 year old German Shepherd, Jomo
Bella, my Burmese cat was very depressed after a very major operation last year. Reiki not only accelerated her healing process, it uplifted her spirit. She is now a much happier and healthier cat.

Karyn Willie- Acupressure Therapist

What you will learn in Reiki Workshops?

• Learn how to use Reiki as a personal healing tool
• Practical sessions on how to give Reiki Treatments
• Understand the reasons we fall ill and the body’s healing process
• How to use Reiki to treat animals and plants


Reiki Level I Workshop @ $388.00 (2days) Min.2participants
Reiki Level I Workshop @$668.00 (2days) Min. 2participants
Healing sessions @$288 per session (60mins)


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